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Browse this page for a listing of recent major winners at various casinos. All of these players found luck at their favorite games within the past couple months. For added insight on how to see your name on the list, study our tips on winning.
Winning Strategy
A major key to winning is not to stay at a losing game too long. If you're playing at a slot machine and haven't scored any sizable payouts within 20 spins, then it's time to move on to another machine. The same applies to table games. If you notice a string of losing hands, that doesn't mean the deck is due to turn around. It means you need to find a new table with a fresh deck of cards.

At any given time, luck either is or is not with a particular game. It's your job - as a player who wants to win - to find the "lucky" games that are due for a payout. You can achieve this by making 10-20 bets on a given game. That should give you a good idea of whether you've landed on a "paying" slot machine, or a deck of cards that's hot.

So what do you do when you find a hot game? Ride it out! Some slots are programmed to pay more than 100%, and table games usually carry a slim house advantage to begin with. Once you stumble onto that lucky game, it will be worth your while to stick around. Just don't get greedy and give back your winnings.
Featured Game Winner

On 01/24/07, a lucky gambler by the name of Sara H. won a hefty 1,988,881.09 while playing the King Cashalot progressive video slot. She said of her win… ‘I still can't believe it. I don't think it has sunk in. I'm numb! I remember almost in slow motion how the kings dropped into place and the jackpot window appeared. I'm still finding it difficult to believe that such good fortune could happen to me. Thank you 32Red!’
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Playing To Win

Compare facts and figures from 50 of the top online casinos, with info on themes, software, history, licensing, awards, payout reports, and related websites.

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top online casino winners
Winner Amount Game Casino
Melinda K. 30,780 Tomb Raider Lucky Nugget
Jacqueline B. 7,485 Mermaids Millions Music Hall
Paula D. 29,865 Wowpot Platinum Play
John S. 5,247 Poker Ride 7 Sultans
Davis D. 20,000 JOB Power Poker Casino Classic
Trang P. 102,729 Treasure Nile All Slots
Paolo P. 10,800 Roulette Colosseum
Teanne S. 41,379 AC Blackjack Vegas Slot

"Secrets to Winning Big"
- by Chip S. Inman, editor Online Casino Bonus

If you're looking to win big playing at online casinos, you must first know what you're up against. Before settling down to play, take a minute to learn the rules and odds of your favorite game(s). This will help reduce the house's edge, and give you more chances to win in the long run.

Second, the two things that most big winners have in common are bankroll and betting style. A well-funded bankroll will provide you with more opportunities to win. Even though everyone has heard miraculous stories like the one about the guy from Arizona who won tens of millions playing the Megabucks progressive slot in Las Vegas after only putting in 20, but the reality is that it will likely take many more credits in order to win a sizable payout. In a few words, don't be chintzy, be realistic. The odds of winning any progressive game are high to begin with, so an under-funded bankroll is a recipe for disappointment.

Also, bet aggressively. Online casinos are very much like land casinos when it comes to payout rates. The higher your bet, the looser the odds. Slots players know that the 5 credit machines payout at a much higher rate than the 0.25 credit machines. I've spent hours (if not days) playing at nearly fifty different online casinos, and experience has taught me that bigger bets = bigger payouts. Yes, you will have more on the line, so always remember to stay within a preset comfort zone. However, what the casinos won't tell you is that if you want a real chance of bringing home some real loot, stay away from the small wagers! Over time, tiny bets will only eat into your bankroll (due to vastly decreased payout odds), and this will cause you to leave sooner than you desire - and likely empty-handed. If you're not willing to lay some cash down to achieve your gambling goals, then you probably should find another hobby.

If you don't believe me, try this out just for an example... take 500-1,000 that you are not going to miss, and make a purchase at your preferred casino. Now, instead of playing the quarter slots, or betting 5/hand at video poker or blackjack, play 5 credits per spin X 3 coins at the slot machines, or 20 credits per hand at video poker. I guarantee that well before your bankroll has been exhausted, you will score some kind of sizable gain, be it a 300 credit jackpot, or even a natural royal flush. Here is where you quit playing! If you continue to play after a big win, the casino will suck your bankroll dry. Force yourself to do a cashin, even if you're down 100 credits. Waiting a day or two for the next session dramatically improves your chances at scoring again. This style of play will ultimately put you in the running for attaining that huge payout. This is the way that high rollers the world over play, and should be utilised whenever possible.

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